Rates for full service accounts: paging, patching, fax, and e-mail.

$55.50 for 100 call actions over calls .45 each.
$166.00 for 400 call actions over calls .45 each.
For our high volume customers we offer the Mega Group rate $620.00 for 2000 call actions, over calls @ .45 each.

We also have special accounts. Rates would vary according to the number of orders taken.
Call Actions:
Basic call actions is any action on your account such as:answering and giving information to your clients ,taking a basic message:name and number-this constitutes one call action whether a message is is taken or not.

More information taken such as an address, order or extensive message equals one additional call action. Paging, Calling home number or Cell phone number equals one call action.

Checking in for messages (every five message), Faxing (every five message) or e-mailing (every five messages) also equals one call action.

Thank you for giving us this opportunity to serve your after hour needs.
FYI strives to keep up to date with the newest technologies, in order to serve our customers better by connecting with them however they feel most comfortable; iPhone, Android, Tablet, Email, or Cellphone.
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